We’ve been washing Long Island’s dirty cars for over 40 years and we’re proud of it! So, we’ve named our washes after some of Long Island’s pleasures.

#1 SAND DUNE – Complete interior vacuum (inc. trunk area), all mats cleaned with our “RUG BEATER” machine system, exterior wash, interior dash and windows cleaned.  Our famous full service wash followed with our one-of-a-kind air gun drying system that eliminates drip marks, finishing with cleaning the rims & tires. $20.99

#2 BAY BREEZE – Includes everything in our Sand Dune package, plus our triple polish wax, under carriage wash and rust inhibitor, and our Hot Wax $24.99

#3 LIGHT HOUSE – Includes everything in our Bay Breeze package plus we shampoo your front 2 mats and Simonize’s Double Bond Teflon protectant is applied to the exterior of the car. $29.99

#4 EXCLUSIVE –“Our Mini-Detail Wash” –  Includes everything in our Light House Package, PLUS all 4 mats are shampooed; RAIN X complete surface protectant is applied to the whole car and finally touched off with our exclusive Hand Wax Applied Carnuba Cream Wax! $45.99

Deluxe Exterior Only – Includes Simonize hot wax, undercarriage wash, exterior towel dry and tire shine. It’s saves $7 every day! $13.99

Exterior Only$9.99 – Includes a towel dry!

Rim Repair$150.00 per rim

Dent Removal$150.00 and up

Window Tinting$180.00 and up

Seat Shampooed$10.00 per seat

Head Light Restoration$15.00 per light

Scratch Removal$20.00 per panal

Floor Shampoo$15.00 per seat

Truck Matt Cleaned$8.00

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Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine$4.00

Tire Shine & Rims$4.00

Hand Applied Body Gloss$10.00

2 Plastic Mats Cleaned$3.00

4 Plastic Mats Cleaned$5.00

Under Carriage Wash$4.00

Interior Armor All$10.00

Exterior Armor All$10.00

2 Carpet Mats Shampooed$5.00