Have you ever received a phone call about how reckless the transporter was driving a car?
Have you ever had to put an accident through your insurance and watch your rates jump the next year?
Have you ever had a customer come to see a particular car that has been in detail for days and they leave in disgust?

If you answered yes to any of the above you already know the benefits of:

Oceanside Car Wash DealershipBEING ONSITE

Never having to worry about how a car is being driven
Never needing to file an insurance claim and worry about rate increases
• Never having to tell a customer their car is not available


Oceanside Auto Wash has partnered with Impressive Parking for valet services. By bundling our services, together we can create a greater savings for the dealership.

Oceanside Car Wash DealershipProvided With Valet Services

• A Manager and trained Staff
• Customized Polo’s for the dealership
• A photo service to limit liability


“Your dealership is unique. Let us put together a customized detailing program to suit your needs and your customers.”


Oceanside Car Wash DealershipIn today’s modern Dealership the Service Wash has become a standard across the industry. It adds value to a customer’s purchase of a new vehicle knowing they may receive a free wash in the future. The service customer is pleased to have their car returned to them in a better condition than it was originally dropped off, especially considering the fact that a technician was in and out the vehicle
several times.

Provided with a Service Wash

• Labor for a full service car wash to keep up with your Service Department.
• Chemicals and supplies that are needed can be supplied by Oceanside Auto Wash.
• Oversee routine maintenance and connect the dealership with the correct professionals to repair any equipment problems that occur.


check-mark-hi Quality!
check-mark-hi Prioritizing!
check-mark-hi Efficiency!

The single most concern that Dealerships have expressed to me is EFFICENCY. The basic principle is that a sold car is the most important car currently in detail. This is why we utilize a dedicated manager to oversee the quality of the detailing but more importantly to prioritize the delivery of that vehicle. Having a manager on-site will increase the quality control and create the on-time delivery record that you’re looking for on that customer satisfaction survey.

Provided with On-Site Detailing Services

• A MANAGER and fully trained staff
• Any and all chemicals or supplies
• Additional labor for high volume periods
• A daily log of work completed
• A tent to complete detail work if needed


With an on-site detail shop we can create an additional profit center for the dealership. We will personally take the time to educate your service advisors on how to sell details as well as additional services. These services can include clay and wax treatments, water spot and pinstripe removal.

Additional Services

  • Complete Detail $175 – $225
  • Hand Wax w/Clay $49.99 – $69.99
  • Hard Water Spot Treatment $89.99 – $109.99
  • Head Light Restoration $25 per Head Light

The greatest return for a dealership can occur when service advisors are given an incentive to sell these additional services. With the correct training these sales can become a significant add-on to your bottom line.

Provided with Service Detailing

• Train advisors to sell additional services
• Marketing material for waiting areas
• Providing added services to your customer

Hand Wash Services Are Available For That Personalized Touch

We can supply the labor force needed to run your existing In-Bay Automatic into a full service car wash!